Eyo Ikot

    Executive Director, Corporate Services
    An administrator with many years of experience. He has had more than 30 years experience working in diverse companies in the Oil and Gas sector of Nigerian economy. Proactive with great sense of responsibility, receptive analyzes situations that arise in the course of discharge of duties.

    An astute administrator with broad spectrum experience in the Oil and Gas sector that spans more than thirty (30) years.

    He is a very proactive person with a great sense of responsibility, very receptive to ideas and suggestions likes to analyze situations that arise in the day to day activities and provide immediate solutions. His business acumen in the Oil and Gas industry puts him in vantage position to solving administrative puzzles. A team leader with sterling qualities who likes to take on new challenges which he handles with ardent dexterity.

    His experience spans the Oil and Gas horizon where he served in companies amongst which include the following; SUPERSUCK NIGERIA SERVICES LTD as, Executive Secretary (Corporate Affairs); FYMARK MARINE & OIL NIG. LTD as (Public Relations Officer); OCEANEERING SOLUS SCHALL NIG. LTD as (Community Liaison Officer); EXXONMOBIL SECURITY DEPARTMENT as Intelligence Monitoring Officer; READING & BATES OFFSHORE DRILLING RIG as RIG ASSISTANT; and DELATRE BEZONS (DBN) as Survey Assistant.

    He also has a solid ethic background with a professional commitment and responsibility as well as an excellent attitude to deal with people, a high communicative outlook and enhanced leadership skills, adaptability to changing situations. He is good at working in a team, persistent and aimed to get the best results.