Engr. Idong Asam

Chief Operations Officer
Engr. Idong Asam is a Professional Marine Engineer that has experience in the areas of Vessel Maintenance, Repairs and Servicing....
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Mr. Manny Ekpenyong

He is the founder of Bobels Group and our best asset. He brings the Company to meet industry standard. As a pioneer, the focus of his vision is clear and the size of his ambition is so large that some...
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Eyo Ikot

Executive Director, Corporate Services
An administrator with many years of experience. He has had more than 30 years experience working in diverse companies in the Oil and Gas sector of Nigerian economy. Proactive with great sense of respo...
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Patience Ndem

Board Member
She is the only lady board member of Bobels Group. This naturally makes her a mother of the Company. “Mama P”, as she is fondly called, is not only the birth mother of our dynamic Group Managing D...
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Christian Simon

Chief Technical Officer
He is a capable pair of hands that take care of building a web presence for the Bobels Group. He has a deep devotion and solid commitment to the mission of the Company. He is a computer “whiz-kid...
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