Our Services

Marine Spare Parts & Maintenance

Bobels International Incorporated engages in the sourcing, and provision of essential spare parts, while also offering maintenance services to specialized companies to aid efficient and effective operations.

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Chemical Supply

Bobels International Incorporated prides in the supply of chemicals for various industrial applications. This is done at the best market rates while remaining at the top of the charts for Quality and Durability.

Marine Vessels Supply

Bobels cultivates connections with suppliers based on shared values, trust, and dependability through strategic alliances.


Bobels International Incorporated remain experts in energy solutions, especially Oil and Gas. All this is done ensuring that all energy sources are environmentally friendly, and global warming depletive. This is achieved by partnering with the best Energy Agencies in the US.

Oil/Gas: Petroleum Products

At BOBEL, we offer expert consultancy services for clients seeking to purchase or sell petroleum products, including PMS, AGO, JET FUEL (Jet A1), EN95, and crude oil. 

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Bobels, with years of experience in engineering and construction, has proven to be the most adept and well versed in the technical and professional tweaks of the construction and procurement field, wether minimal or large scale.

Personnel Supply / Management

At Bobels we offer proven workforce solutions and career development service; such as recruitment and management of staff.


The key to success is efficiency. Bobels consultants examine workflows, organisational structures, and procedures in great detail in order to find areas for optimisation and streamline operations. 


Bobels is licensed to operate in the Marine sector by the necessary authorities such as NIMASA, NIPEX, NPA, DPR etc to engage in the business of ship building and Operation, but not limited to marine consulting, marine engineering and surveying.

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