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Entry-level oil field jobs in Texas


With a long history of oil production stretching back to the early 20th century, Texas is the center of the US oil and gas sector. The state is a desirable location for job seekers in the oil field sector due to its substantial oil reserves and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Texas’s oil field sector is expanding, and a lot of people are trying to take advantage of the job possibilities it offers. But getting started in this profession can be difficult, particularly for people who have never worked in it before. The many entry-level oil field jobs no experience Texas oil field business offer advice on getting employment without any prior knowledge.

Oil Fields: what are they?

Drilling firms use oil fields to produce crude oil from the earth. Depending on the size of the reservoir underneath the drilling location, oil fields can span a significant region. Companies will occasionally build several drill sites to obtain oil from a single field. Some offshore drilling locations are situated on platforms in the water, but the majority of oil fields are on land.

The production and transportation of petroleum products include several industries, however, drilling remains a crucial aspect of the oil business. Industry insiders frequently categorize the sector into the following three areas:

  • Upstream: The exploration and extraction of oil are considered upstream activities.
  • Midstream refers to the oil industry’s transportation segment, which includes a range of shipping options.
  • Downstream: This term describes the processes involved in refining crude oil, such as marketing and distribution.

Oil Field Work Environment

For individuals who engage in manual labor roles, oil field employment can include long hours and difficult working conditions. Twelve-hour shifts are typical, and they could even be longer during periods of high production. Working night shifts is a regular occurrence for entry-level personnel in the oil business. Since oil fields are primarily outside, heat, rain, wind, sleet, and snow may all affect the working environment. Working in the oil field also requires a lot of physical effort and prolonged standing.

List of Oil Field Jobs No Experience Texas

When an oil field is being operated by a firm, a range of specialized workers are needed for everyday activities, such as day laborers, tradesmen, engineers, and drilling specialists. For committed workers, the oil fields may provide excellent salaries and fulfilling jobs while being frequently a physically demanding environment. It might be helpful to find out more about the employment that is available if you’re thinking about working in the oil sector.

  1. Assembly Technician with SWM International, LLC in Pampa, Texas
  2. Drilling Side Service Technician at Iron Horse Tools Inc., Orange Grove, TX
  3. Technician and Pipeline Trainee with Enterprise Products in Monahans, TX
  4. Pump Technician at Texas Rig Equipment in Midland, Texas.
  5. Warehouseman with Engine Service & Supply Co. in Odessa, Texas.
  6. Haul Truck Driver with Tanker Endorsement for TEXAS ELITE TRUCKING, LLC in Alice, TX.
  7. Worked as a Lab Technician Trainee at Uptalent and a Delivery Driver at GSS Oilfield and Construction Supply in Odessa, Texas.
  8. Production Analyst at Danos in Three Rivers, TX
  9. Nitrogen Operator for Edge OFS in Midland, Texas. 

Entry-level Oil Field Jobs No Experience Texas:

  1. Assembly Technician: This position requires assembling and dismantling equipment and is an excellent starting point for people with mechanical ability.
  2. Drilling Side Service Tech: Assists with drilling operations and maintenance, offering a hands-on introduction to the business.
  3. Pipeline Trainee: Learns the ins and outs of pipeline operations and maintenance, preparing you for a future in the industry.
  4. Pump Technician: Installs, maintains, and repairs pumps while giving you the technical skills required for success.
  5. Warehouseman: Manages inventory and logistics, offering a behind-the-scenes view into the sector.
  6. Roustabout: Performs physical labor on drilling sites to get field experience.
  7. Floorhand: Assists with drilling operations and maintenance while collaborating with skilled specialists.
  8. Operator Assistant: Assists operators with everyday responsibilities while understanding the complexities of oilfield operations.
  9. Labourer: Handles manual labor while aiding with equipment maintenance and repairs.
  10. Driver: Responsible for transporting equipment and goods while assuring their safety and efficiency.

Assembly Technician in Oil Field Jobs

An Assembly Technician is in charge of assembling minor parts and components to build new products based on customer specifications. In addition, they run diagnostic tests on assembled pieces and make modifications as needed to ensure that the finished product performs properly.

Drilling Side Service Tech

Carry out basic equipment maintenance and repairs or lend a helping hand. Get the drilling and sampling equipment ready for use. Samples should be packaged and kept as instructed. Where boreholes have been finished, backfill and fix the pavement. 

Pipeline Operators

The daily operations of oil pipelines and related infrastructure are overseen and carried out by oil pipeline operators and maintenance personnel. The safe, effective, and dependable operation of pipeline systems is guaranteed by oil pipeline operators and maintenance personnel. 

Pump Technician in Oil Field Jobs

Pump mechanics examine, fix, and carry out regular maintenance on pumps, which includes examining the machine’s motor, valve, and other components. In this line of work, you’ll be responsible for monitoring the pumps’ performance and keeping an eye out for any vibrations or heat that might indicate a problem. 


A warehouse worker transports, stockpiles, scans, and records product inventories in addition to preparing and receiving orders. They can assist in ensuring that goods are delivered to clients or businesses by working both inside and outside of a firm. 


In the oilfield, a roustabout is a low-level manual laborer who does a range of jobs, including loading and unloading different objects. examining and upkeep of apparatus. using large machinery, such as load-lifters or forklifts. 

Floorhand in Oil Field Jobs

An oil rig crew member is known as a floor hand. They are in charge of helping the other crew members each day with setup and cleanup. On rigs offshore or onshore, floor hands collaborate closely with roustabouts, derrick hands, crew pushers, and equipment operators to complete a range of physical labor jobs. 

Operator Assistant

Raise packaged goods, final goods, and raw materials by hand or with the use of hoists. Take goods, machine add-ons, or refuse out of the machines. Stow and pack goods and resources. Put the goods in machinery or on work areas so they may be processed, checked, or wrapped later. 


Labourers assist those who work in the extraction, including drillers and derrick operators. use hand tools to disassemble the drilling and extraction apparatus. filling well holes with stuff. Adjust pieces of pipe or the drill stem on the rig floor to drill and change the drill stem and strings.

Drivers in Oil Field Jobs

Materials are transported to and from an oil site by oilfield drivers. Several vehicle kinds can be operated based on the object being moved. An oilfield driver may drive specialized vehicles such as vacuum trucks, swab rigs, tankers, and flatbeds. 

Advice for Getting Hired in Oil Field Jobs No Experience Texas:

  • Emphasise Transferable Skills: Draw attention to abilities such as problem-solving, mechanical ability, and physical stamina.
  • Obtain the Correct Training: To show your dedication and expertise, enroll in classes or certification programs.
  • Network and Create Connections: To meet individuals in the sector, go to industry events, and join organizations for professionals.
  • Have the Will to Start from the Bottom: Be ready to start at the bottom and work your way up from entry-level jobs.
  • Customize Your Cover Letter and Resume: Highlight your relevant experience and talents in your application materials.
  • Get Ready for Physical Demands: Be ready for long hours and a physically taxing job.
  • Remain Safety-Focused: Put safety first and follow industry guidelines.
  • Be Adaptable: Show a willingness to pick up new skills and adjust to changing circumstances.
  • Be Proactive: Show initiative and look for chances to develop and learn.
  • Remain Positive: Despite obstacles, have a positive outlook and show resilience.

Advantages of Employment in Texas’s Oil Field Industry:

  1. Competitive Pay: Texas oil field positions pay among the highest in the business.
  2. Job Security: Because there is a steady need for gas and oil, workers in the sector have jobs.
  3. Possibilities for Advancement: You can climb the professional ladder to managerial or supervisory roles with training and experience.
  4. Variety of Roles: There is a position for everyone in the oil field business, ranging from engineering to transportation.
  5. Sense of Accomplishment: Although working in the oil field sector might be difficult, knowing that you’re assisting the nation’s energy requirements is satisfying.


For individuals who are interested in a career in the energy sector, Texas oil field jobs provide a fulfilling and demanding route. There is a position for everyone, ranging from production and drilling to engineering and design. Without any prior expertise, breaking into the Texas oil field business demands commitment and diligence. You may position yourself for success in this fascinating and fulfilling sector by being aware of the entry-level jobs that are accessible and by paying attention to the advice provided above. Never lose sight of your goals, be tenacious, and have an open mind to new ideas and development. 


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