Oil and Gas Jobs in Middle East

Oil and gas jobs in Middle East

Oil and Gas Jobs in Middle East are abundant, including positions in nations like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. Recently, several job advertisements have been posted, including:


  • Associate Pipeline Welding Engineer at McDermott

Creating project welding methods that adhere to the relevant Design, Engineering, and Construction Codes, Standards, and Project requirements is the responsibility of the Associate Pipeline Welding Engineer at McDermott. To complete the PPG – Welding Engineering deliverables on schedule and within budget, the job assists the project’s Principal/Senior Welding Engineer.

  • Team Lead at John Wood Group for Integrity Management and Vibration

Leading a group of engineers and technicians in the Vibration and Integrity Management department is the senior responsibility of the Team Leader (Vibration/Integrity Management) at John Wood Group. The roles involve:

  • Providing technical knowledge in vibration analysis, condition monitoring, and integrity management.
  • Supervising a team providing clients with vibration and integrity management services.
  • Creating and executing condition-based maintenance plans. 
  • Visiting and auditing sites to verify adherence to industry requirements.
  • Providing team members with guidance and training. 
  • Working together with clients to comprehend their needs and provide customized solutions.

The ideal applicant would have expertise in the oil and gas sector with a solid foundation in mechanical engineering, vibration analysis, and integrity management. For this position, managerial and leadership abilities are also crucial.

  • Engineer at Worley Oil and Gas Jobs

At Worley, the Engineer position is a flexible one that can include a range of engineering specialties, such as:

  • Creating and designing projects for the energy, resources, and oil and gas industries. 
  • Making site visits and inspections to make sure safety and quality standards are being followed.
  • Working together to provide engineering solutions to project teams.
  • Developing and executing engineering standards and processes. 
  • Offering clients technical expertise and assistance.
  • Guiding and instructing younger engineers.

As a multinational engineering and consulting company, Worley’s exact duties and areas of emphasis change based on the nature of the project, the client’s requirements, and the location. A degree in a relevant engineering area (such as mechanical, electrical, or civil engineering), professional engineering registration, and relevant industrial experience are requirements for the ideal applicant.

  • Materials Engineer at SYSTRA Oil and Gas Jobs

At SYSTRA, the Materials Engineer position entails:

  • Choosing and defining materials for engineering projects while taking cost, environmental effect, and durability into account.
  • Testing and analyzing materials to make sure they meet industry requirements.
  • Working together with design teams to create standards and requirements for materials.
  • Offering technical guidance on the selection, characteristics, and uses of materials.
  • Examining material malfunctions and suggesting fixes.
  • Remaining current with emerging materials technology and business advancements.

The Materials Engineer position at the multinational engineering and consulting business SYSTRA may assist with projects in the infrastructure, energy, and transportation sectors, among others. A degree in materials science, mechanical engineering, or a similar discipline, expertise in materials engineering, and a solid grasp of industry standards and best practices would be requirements for the perfect applicant.

  • Pipeline Engineer at McDermott Oil and Gas Jobs

At McDermott, the pipeline engineer position involves:

  • Choosing and defining pipeline materials, diameters, and wall thicknesses.
  • Developing and designing pipeline systems for the oil and gas sector.
  • Carrying out feasibility studies, conceptual design, and detailed engineering.
  • Guaranteeing adherence to industry norms, guidelines, and rules (e.g., ASME, API, DNV).
  • Working together with stakeholders, clients, and project teams.
  • Creating and evaluating engineering documentation, such as reports, specifications, and drawings.
  • Visiting and inspecting construction sites to make sure that installation and construction adhere to design standards.

The Pipeline Engineer position at McDermott, a worldwide engineering, procurement, construction, and installation (EPCI) organization, may assist projects in a variety of locations and settings, including onshore and offshore pipelines. 

  • Frac Supervisor at NES Fircroft in Doha, Qatar Oil and Gas Jobs

With over 90 years of combined expertise, NES Fircroft is an award-winning workforce solutions company that places technical experts on some of the most fascinating engineering projects in the world. The organization is looking to fill a Frac Supervisor position immediately in Qatar. NES Fircroft provides the workforce requirements of several domestic and foreign companies in Qatar that are involved in the oil, gas, chemical, electricity, and infrastructure industries.

  • Coil Tubing Directional Drillers at Performance Energy in Dubai, UAE Oil and Gas Jobs

Performance Energy’s coil tubing directional drillers are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Requirements include:

  • At least three years of experience are needed for the position.
  • There is a 12-month contract for the employment.
  • There is a 35/35 rotation.
  • Using coil tube drilling techniques, the work entails precisely guiding the drill bit through the subsurface strata to reach the target reservoirs.
  • The ideal applicant will have previous expertise with both traditional and non-conventional procedures, as well as with UBD and CTD.


  • MPD Crew at Performance Energy in Jash, Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas Jobs

Managed Pressure Drilling, or MPD for short, is a method of regulating wellbore pressure and increasing drilling efficiency. During drilling operations, the MPD Crew is in charge of running and maintaining MPD equipment. Prior MPD operations experience is required for the position, ideally in a related capacity. The team will follow a rotational pattern, taking days off in between.

Strong expertise in well control, safety protocols, and drilling operations will make the perfect candidate. This position is a fantastic chance to collaborate with an accomplished team in the oil and gas sector since Performance Energy is a prominent supplier of drilling and completion services.

  • Senior Oil Demand Analyst at Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas Jobs

The following are the main duties of a Senior Oil Demand Analyst at Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia:

  • Examine the oil market’s supply side on a regional and international scale.
  • Create reliable estimates for the short, medium, and long terms of the liquid supply on a national level.
  • Provide a thorough national study that takes into account all the variables influencing the nation’s oil supply.
  • Examine reports from wells, fields, and basins to ascertain production figures and outcomes.
  • Recognize and assess contractual arrangements, marginal barrel production and replacement costs, and fiscal oil regimes.
  • To anticipate oil demand and analyze market trends, develop and maintain intricate econometric models. 
  • Work with cross-functional teams that include experts in economics, market research, and strategic planning.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with external stakeholders, such as industry associations, research firms, and government agencies.
  • Provide expert analysis and insights to support business planning and strategic decision-making. 
  • Remain current with market developments, industry trends, and competitor activity. 
  • Communicate complex data insights and analysis to non-technical stakeholders through clear and concise reports and presentations.
  • Determine and evaluate possible risks and opportunities in the oil demand environment.
  • Assist in the creation of Saudi Aramco’s market outlook and oil demand projections.
  • Promote the creation of strategic strategies and activities to maximize oil demand and achieve corporate goals.

Working in the Middle East’s Oil and Gas Sector provides:

  • Competitive salaries and benefits.
  • Possibilities for professional advancement.
  • Contact with leading-edge innovations and technologies.
  • An exciting and varied work environment.
  • An opportunity to be involved in a vital sector that propels the world economy.

Challenges working in the Middle East:

  • Fluctuating oil prices
  • Increasing competition from renewable energy sources
  • Tensions in geopolitics and security issues
  • Social responsibility and environmental problems

Despite these challenges, it is anticipated that there will be a continued need for qualified workers in the Middle East’s oil and gas sector due to the development of new projects and infrastructure as well as the need for sustainable energy solutions.


Oil and gas employment is abundant in the Middle East, providing a broad range of possibilities for individuals working in the energy sector. The area is home to some of the biggest producers of oil and gas in the world, including Saudi Aramco, ADNOC, and Qatar Petroleum, because of its abundant reserves and advantageous position.

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