The innovative creator of Bobels, Manny Ekpenyong had a strong desire to push technological frontiers when he first started his business with over 20 years of experience in oil/gas and marine industry. Equipped with an expertise in Engineering Technology, Project Management, Cyber Security Professional, Information Technology and an acute sense of new trends, Manny set out to transform the innovation scene.

Manny’s unwavering pursuit of perfection established the foundation for Bobels Group’s culture early on. His capacity to motivate a varied group of professionals created a cooperative atmosphere where ideas were nurtured and developed. Under his direction, Bobels Group rose to prominence as a name associated with innovative ideas and progressive methods.

The company grew because of Manny’s risk-taking attitude and entrepreneurial energy. He persevered through difficulties and turned obstacles into opportunities, securing Bobels Group’s place as a leader in the sector. The company’s continued success was secured by his dedication to staying ahead of the curve and adjusting to market conditions.

Manny Ekpenyong’s legacy as a founder goes beyond Bobels Group’s goods and services. His legacy will live on in the industry, encouraging upcoming entrepreneurs to dream large and harness the revolutionary potential of technology.

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