Female Oil Field Jobs

Female petroleum engineer one of the female oil field jobs inspecting drilling equipment

The oil and gas business has long been considered a male-dominated field, but things are changing. Female Oil Field Jobs are increasing in the oil field, challenging prejudices, and demonstrating their ability in this tough and lucrative industry. 

Women play a very important part in the oil and gas business. The oil and gas business is dynamic and broad, with several possibilities open to anyone, particularly women seeking employment in an exciting and difficult field. Women should also begin to open their minds to doing this type of profession since it provides a unique and valuable experience.

Prospects for Women in the Workforce

  1. Petroleum engineering
  2. Geophysics and Geology 
  3. Drilling and Operational Control
  4. Environment, Safety, and Health (HSE)
  5. Research and Development.

Jobs in oil and gas are entirely open for women; if you are a woman looking to work as a well-paid technical specialist, now is the time. Working offshore is safer than ever before, and the attitude is extremely respectful; bullying, hazardous acts, and hatred are not tolerated.

It is still uncommon to see women offshore. It is roughly 5%, which is low. Men would also prefer to see more women offshore since it alters the vibe and makes the environment feel more welcoming. There has never been a better moment to be a woman; owing to positive discrimination, women will have easier access to oil and gas occupations than males.

Every major corporation wants to demonstrate that they are diverse and do not discriminate; nonetheless, technical oil and gas occupations are still mostly male-dominated. Maybe ‘male-dominated’ isn’t the proper phrasing; technical employment offshore remains ‘unattractive to women’! – or so it appears.

Overcoming Difficulties

  1. Industry initiatives: Companies are actively promoting diversity and inclusiveness by offering training and mentorship opportunities.
  2. Professional associations: Groups like the Society of Women Engineers and the American Association of Drilling Engineers provide networking and support opportunities.
  3. Education and awareness: Actions to eliminate preconceptions and raise public understanding of gender equality are necessary to foster a more inclusive environment.

Types of Female Oilfield Jobs

  1. Petroleum engineers design and develop techniques for obtaining oil and gas from resources under the Earth’s surface.
  2. Geologists examine rock formations and geological data to determine suitable drilling locations.
  3. Drilling Engineers: They oversee the drilling process to ensure that it runs smoothly and safely.
  4. Field Technicians: They install, maintain, and repair equipment in the field.
  5. activities Managers: Overseeing logistics, staff, and equipment for drilling and production activities.
  6. Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Professionals: Ensure compliance with safety rules while minimizing environmental effects.

These are the most typical occupations for women offshore; I have yet to see a female sparky or a female pipe fitter; however, some female pipeline testing technicians and a pipeline pressure testing supervisor, which is highly unusual! However, some have worked with several female engineers who manage their projects with multiple individuals reporting to them. Some female engineers are respected by everyone, while others are not, much like males.

So, what are the best-paying jobs? In reality, this varies per country. In Australia, for example, stewards who change sheets and assist with meals were paid more than most engineers due to powerful (and messed up) union legislation. Some cleaners earned more than $1000 per day, which is incredible.

HSE occupations offer the biggest return on educational expenditure while yet requiring little physical effort. By obtaining your NEBOSH certification, you may earn a great five figures every offshore month and get there rather rapidly.

Challenges for Women in Oil Field Jobs

  1. Gender bias and preconceptions.
  2. Limited availability of training and mentorship
  3. Physical demands of the job 
  4. Balancing work and family obligations
  5. Discrimination and harassment.

Being a member of a hard and male-dominated sector is not simple, and it requires a lot of adjustment. And, while it is dominated by men, working in the oil and gas business will provide greater advantages for women. Aside from a decent salary, you’ll meet new and interesting individuals from all walks of life. 

Camaraderie is particularly vital in this type of employment since you operate as part of a team, and the majority of jobs in the oil and gas business are completed by teams. People work together, thus if you are having difficulty with your assignment, you can always rely on your coworkers. 

Certainly, there are careers in the oilfield that will fit your talents and talents. Finally, if you are a woman seeking an oil and gas career, don’t be afraid of anything. The oil and gas sector is always welcome.

Industry Initiatives for Female Oil Field Jobs

  1. The Schlumberger Global Diversity and Inclusion Initiative.
  2. The Halliburton Women’s Leadership Forum
  3. Baker Hughes’ Diversity and Inclusion Programme.

Sector-specific Initiatives

  1. Women’s Career Development Programme at Shell
  2. The Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative of ExxonMobil
  3. The Women’s Network at Chevron
  4. The Diversity and Inclusion Initiative of BP
  5. The Global Diversity and Inclusion Initiative of Schlumberger

Professional Organisations in Female Oil Field Jobs

  1. The Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
  2. American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE).
  3. Women In Energy (WIE)

Additional resources

  1. Women in Energy (WIE) is a professional organization for women in the energy industry. 
  2. The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a global organization that supports women in STEM professions.
  3. The International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) is an industry organization that provides training and information.
  4. The National Science Foundation (NSF) provides funding and support for STEM education and research.
  5. The American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE) is a professional organization of drilling engineers.

Education and Awareness in Female Oil Field Jobs

  1. STEM Education Programmes for Girls and Young Women
  2. Industry-sponsored scholarships and internships
  3. Workshops and conferences that encourage diversity and inclusion

Some Female Oil Field Jobs Achievements

  1.  Susan, Petroleum Engineer: “I enjoy the challenge of developing innovative solutions to complicated challenges. My male colleagues value my knowledge, and I’ve earned my position in this sector.”
  2.  Maria, Field Technician: “I enjoy working hands-on and troubleshooting equipment problems.” My coworkers respect my attention to detail, and I am proud of my job.
  3.  Patel, Geologist: “I’m obsessed with discovering the Earth’s mysteries. My research has resulted in big breakthroughs, and I am happy to be a role model for young women in STEM disciplines.”
  4.  Sarah, Operations Manager: “I progressed from field technician to team manager.” I’m pleased to be a role model for young women in the profession.”
  5.  Rodriguez, HSE Professional: “I created safety protocols that have reduced accidents by 30%.” My work makes a difference, and I like it.
  6.  Emily, Drilling Engineer: “I design drilling operations to maximize efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.” It’s satisfying to watch my goals come to fruition.

Advice for Female Oil Field Jobs Workers

  1. “Be confident in your abilities and don’t be afraid to speak up.” – Susan, petroleum engineer.
  2. “Find a mentor who believes in you and can offer guidance.” – Maria, field technician.
  3. “Stay curious and keep learning – the industry is constantly evolving.” – Dr. Patel, geologist.
  4. “Don’t be intimidated by the physical demands of the job – you’ll surprise yourself with your capabilities.” – Sarah, Operations Manager 
  5. “Networking is key – attend industry events and join professional organizations to build relationships and learn from others.” – Emily, drilling engineer.
  6. “Embrace your unique perspective and don’t be afraid to bring new ideas to the table.” – Dr. Rodriguez, HSE Professional.

Industry Developments

  1. Greater emphasis on diversity and inclusion.
  2. Rising need for competent workers.
  3. Improvements in technology and safety
  4. Expansion of renewable energy sources
  5. Globalization and International Opportunities.


Female oil field employment is no longer uncommon. Women are thriving in a variety of fields, including engineering and operations management. Industry efforts, professional organizations, and education and awareness programs all contribute to breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive atmosphere. As we continue to break down preconceptions and confront gender prejudice, the oil and gas industry will become a more diverse and dynamic workplace, benefiting from the skills and views of both men and women.

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